Backing Web3 pioneers who are building the world of tomorrow.

How do we add value ?


You will have access to valuable resources and relationships through our network.

We help in building relationships and finding partners & customers.


We support your development roadmap and assist in creating sustainable token economics.

We know the Web3 ecosystem and guide you in finding a scalable product-market fit for your project.


We are your first product user and will help you to get early traction via liquidity provision, market making, network participation and governance.

Psalion VC builds human, dynamic relationships with founders and provides them with strategic advisory and business development expertise.


We invest in decentralised & distributed economies since 2013.

Psalion VC envisions the digital world future as driven by DeFi 3.0, ZKP technology, and decentralized platforms & organizations.

We think Web3 enables data ownership, interoperability and privacy systems that will fuel the next wave of innovation by eliminating risks and excesses of our incumbent centralized society whilst rewarding humans in a fair manner.

Psalion VC trusts the gritty, the outliers and the visionaries to humanly lead towards a trustless, permissionless and decentralized future.


Timothy Enneking

Co-Founder & Managing Partner

Loan Venkatapen

Co-Founder & Chief Investment Officer

Julien Jost

Co-Founder & Head of Investor Relations


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